Durga/WVS Ring Vaccination Program

DWF’s ring vaccination project with WVS India, spearheaded by Dr. Illona Otter, involves rural communities, wildlife, and both feral and domesticated dogs. 

The project is currently functional in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve with field support of WVS. It aims to prevent disease outbreak in wild tigers by vaccinating dogs for rabies and distemper. The program also builds relationships and trust with local populations by offering free vaccinations and veterinary care for their dogs, and helps protect humans and animals alike from rabies.

WVS has already vaccinated 443 dogs and has achieved 55% sterilization coverage in the first year.

If we can raise $50,000.00 USD for this effort, we hope to finish the ring vaccination of Mudumalai by 2025.  Through further fundraising efforts, we then hope to expand this program to other areas of India. 

Photo by @ehrazgonewild / Ehraz Ahmed, courtesy of WVS, India

For more information about this program, please see WVS’s story on their website.

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