Global Wildlife Partnership Program

The Durga Wildlife Fund works to identify and assist high-quality NGOs such as CLAWS INC., here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, WVS India, The International Elephant Project (based in Australia) and the Malilangwe Trust, in Zimbabwe, as well as government run organizations such as the Center of Elephant and Wildlife Health at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and the Forest Department of Gir, in India.

We invest in relationships with our network of highly-motivated and highly skilled individuals and organizations around the globe. 

From experts at trapping feral cats for TNR programs, to experts at wildlife rehabilitation, such as CLAWS NC Inc, to elephant medicine experts such as Dr. Christopher Stremme in Indonesia, and doctors Khajohnpat Boonprasert  and Chatchote Thitaram  in Thailand, to Dr. Hitesh Vamija,  the veterinarian in charge of wild lions at Gir, and Dr. Illona Otter, who runs the dog vaccination program at WVS, the Durga Wildlife Fund’s ever-expanding network of expertise, local knowledge,  and benevolence, helps to insure that our donor’s funds are spend on particularly effective and meaningful programs.