Wildlife Ambulance Project, Indonesia

In collaboration with the Veterinary Faculty of the Syiah Kuala University Banda Aceh/Indonesia (VFSKU) and the International Elephant Project, Australia.

DWF aims to equip/train/nurture young veterinarians in wildlife medicine with collaboration of Veterinary University and WCI Ltd. This gives immediate response in critical situations like rescue and release of wild elephants, treatment of captive elephants used for conservation and patrolling in the Protected Areas, treatment of key species like sun bears and orangutans. 

DWF intend to provide five-hundred young graduates with wildlife training and health benefits to two-hundred elephants in the year.

Dr. Riyan palpating swollen leg at Aceh CRU Cot Girek

Sedation and treatment of injured sun bear at BKSDA qurantine facility

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